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Salient Changes to the Courts of Judicature Act 1964

On 1.10.2022, the Courts of Judicature (Amendment) Act 2022 came into effect, which made significant changes to the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 (“CJA”).

The amendments relate to sections 28(1), 51(2), 52(2), 53(1), 55 and 68(1) of the CJA, as well as the introduction of a new section 52A. Below is a summary showing the amendments to the aforesaid sections:




The amendments to the CJA, in particular section 28(1) and section 68(1) will definitely help to ensure that court suits can proceed expeditiously, without being held up due to appeal(s) that litigants may make against decision(s) in relation to interlocutory application(s). The amendments would also prevent, or at the least, deter litigants from filing frivolous interlocutory application(s) and/or appeal(s) to delay the court proceedings.

The other amendments affecting the mode of service whereby service by way of electronic means is now recognised, is definitely a welcomed change for many, and keeping in trend with all the changes that have been introduced by the courts since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our nation. This may even help litigants to save time and cost, as hardcopies of notices and documents may no longer be necessary in some instances. Nevertheless, this change would also mean that litigants and solicitors both must have in place a system to ensure that their email inboxes are monitored properly.

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