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Note from the Editorial Team

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 8th Edition of Empower for this year! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy 65th Independence Day! We are confident that the occasion holds a deep and special meaning to all of you as it is the only unifying Malaysian festival that cuts across race, religion, gender, class and creed. With that, we wish you all a Selamat Hari Merdeka and we hope that you will enjoy the celebrations!

In this month’s newsletter we have some very captivating articles that we would like to share with you. Our first article, which is also our feature article this month, articulates and considers the recent amendments to the Employment Act 1955. It also sets to juxtapose the new amendments with the position pre-amendment for you to better understand the mechanisms that will take place and how they may have a direct impact on you.    

Our second article is also extremely useful as it considers and explains the various type of key provision that you may want to consider including in a joint venture agreement for a construction project. We would all agree that a well drafted joint venture agreement is likely to minimize the chances of future disputes between the parties in the joint venture and it is therefore extremely crucial that the agreement gets done right! Do have a read of this article to appreciate some key aspects of a joint venture agreement!      

Our third article is an insightful one as it considers how risk is to be managed and allocated in construction contracts and it further contemplates whether there is a perfect formula for this when dwelling in construction projects. The author concludes by finding that an appropriate contract strategy must be adopted to allow for active joint management of risk by all parties and there is no one perfect formula.     

The final article is on the legality of gated and guarded communities in Malaysia in non-stratified properties, a topic that may be relevant to many of you who live under such schemes. What are the powers of the Resident’s Association and what and how much can they do? Read this article to find out more!

Finally, do take a peek at our Inside Out section for the firms latest updates and activities!

We hope that you enjoy reading this edition as much we enjoyed putting it together for you! Happy reading!


Editorial Team:.

Chong Lee Hui

Ankit Sanghvi

Serene Hiew Mun Yi

Amy Hiew Kar Yi

Tan  Poh Yee

Hee Sue Ann

Chan Jia Ying

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