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Note from the Editorial Team

Dear Readers,

We hope all of you have been keeping well! As we round up the month of June, we have officially reached the half-way point of 2022! To this end, we are eager and excited to share with all of you 4 exciting articles in this month’s newsletter which we hope you would all enjoy reading.

In our first article, we have dwelled into a recent Industrial Court decision delivered earlier this year i.e the case of Wong Choy Pheng & Ors v Taylor’s University Sdn Bhd. The decision is of much relevance as it ventures into some very pertinent employment law issues such as the requirements and procedures involved when an employer wishes to retrench its employees. 

The second article is on the topic of compulsory land acquisition in Malaysia and it sets out the relevant procedures involved for the same. It further deals with other matters such as the process involved for the determination of the amount of compensation and the rights of a landowner to defend an award accepted without protest.         

The third article is particularly interesting as it deals with how assets can be preserved under Sections 11 and 19 of the Arbitration Act 2005. These provisions are useful as it provides a means of preserving assets of your opposing party in the arbitration so as to ensure that any subsequent award made in your favour can be duly satisfied. This is indeed beneficial as it reduces the risk of not being paid despite succeeding in the arbitration.  

The fourth article titled “What do you need to know before renovating your stratified home?” speaks for itself and is a must-read article as it tells you the do’s and don’ts before conducting any renovations in a stratified scheme. For those of you recent homebuyers, this article may just be of some relevance to you.    

Last but not least, don’t forget to dive into our “Inside Out” section for all of our latest updates, events, promotions and activities.   

We hope that you enjoy reading this month’s edition and we will continuously put in our best efforts to provide you with our updates and until the next issue, happy reading!



Editorial Team:.

Chong Lee Hui

Ankit Sanghvi

Serene Hiew Mun Yi

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