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From Setup to Success: IMC’s Comprehensive Support for Singapore Company set up and compliances

Singapore has emerged as a preferred destination for foreign companies looking to set up a subsidiary in Southeast Asia. It is regarded as an ideal place to facilitate ‘new-business building’. Its strategic location, business-friendly environment, developed infrastructure, low tax rates and highly skilled workforce make it an ideal place for companies to establish their regional presence.  IMC provides end-to-end services to foreign companies looking to establish their subsidiary in Singapore and supports them with ongoing compliance requirements.


Singapore Company Incorporation:

IMC can assist foreign companies with Singapore company incorporation, which involves registering the company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). IMC can help foreign companies set up different entities such as private limited companies, branch offices, representative offices, single-family office etc.


Corporate Secretarial Services:

IMC provides corporate secretarial services to help foreign companies comply with regulatory requirements related to statutory registers, the appointment of officers, board resolutions, annual general meetings (AGMs), filing of annual returns and other corporate secretarial matters.


Accounting and Bookkeeping:

IMC can assist foreign companies with bookkeeping and accounting services. This includes preparing financial statements, management accounts, and tax computation.


GST Registration and Quarterly GST Filing Compliance:

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a consumption tax levied on goods and services sold in Singapore. Foreign companies may be required to register for GST if they exceed a certain threshold. IMC can assist with GST registration and quarterly GST filing compliance.


Tax Compliance and Advisory:

IMC provides tax compliance and advisory services to foreign companies. This includes tax filings and advising on tax planning, compliance with tax regulations, and handling tax disputes with tax authorities.


Payroll Processing and Related Compliances:

IMC can assist with payroll processing and related compliances such as preparing monthly payroll, calculating taxes, CPF filings, IR8A and IR21 submissions etc.


Immigration Services:

IMC provides immigration services to assist foreign companies with employee work passes. This includes Employment Pass (EP), Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass), TechPass, and Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) applications. IMC can also assist with visa applications for family members of employees.



IMC provides end-to-end services to foreign companies looking to set up their subsidiary in Singapore and support them with ongoing compliance requirements.

IMC’s services include Singapore company incorporation, corporate secretarial services, accounts, GST registration and quarterly GST filing compliance, tax compliance and advisory, payroll processing and related compliances, and immigration services.  With IMC’s expertise, foreign companies can focus on their core business operations while leaving the compliance requirements to IMC.


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