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Did you know that a housing developer cannot advertise and sell any property without an advertisement permit and developer’s license?

An advertisement permit and developer’s license (APDL) is a permit issued by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) to the housing developer to carry out development work and to advertise and sell properties under housing development project.

The law governing the requirement and application for the APDL is contained in Section 5 of the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Act 1966 (“the Act”) read together with Regulation 3 to 5 of the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Regulations 1989. This requirement applies to property developers who build housing accommodation that falls under the Act.

The APDL is an important document to both the housing developer and the purchaser. The housing developer cannot advertise and sell any of the properties under any project development without the APDL. For purchasers, It is a form of protection to ensure that they are dealing with genuine housing developers when buying properties under housing development.

An APDL issued is applicable to the proposed advertisement as submitted to the Ministry. If the housing developer later wants to change the advertisement which is different from the one submitted, a new APDL has to be obtained.

It is important that the application for the APDL be done properly and that all particulars and information to be submitted are correct for any misrepresentation of the particulars is an offence which may attract criminal liability.

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