What We Do

Driven by its mission to empower everybody with law and its core values, HHQ prides itself to providing top notch service in various areas of practice. In providing our professional service, we care about empowering everybody with law. Guided by this mission, the firm has set up its Learning & Development unit tasked with developing and empowering talents and sharing of knowledge to the public.

With growing demands from foreign investor following the One Belt One Road initiative that sees more co-operation between Malaysia and other participating countries, the firm has set up its Belt & Road Law Desk, catering to their legal needs.

We also reckon our important role in making a social impact through what we do. Our continued efforts in shouldering this role has seen us working hand in hand with family members of the victims killed in Batang Kali massacre in their search for justice as well as the setting up of our HHQ Legal Clinic to provide legal assistance in selected areas of law to members of the public.

  • Areas of Practice

    We provide advisory and legal support to clients in corporate financing. Our services include crafting and reviewing of financing and security documentations [...]

  • Belt and Road Law Desk

    Previously known as “One Belt, One Road”, the Belt and Road initiative is being spearheaded by the Chinese government to improve trade and economic integration across Asia, Europe & Africa […]

  • Learning and Development

    In providing professional service, we stress the professional development of our people. We care about empowering everybody with law..[…]

  • Social Responsibilities

    HHQ is providing free legal consultation to those who need help in family and personal injuries matter […]