Vision & Mission


Empower everybody with law.


To carry out our mission for 108 years, from the year HHQ is established in 2000 to 2108.

Why empower everybody with law?

It starts with the word "Empower". Empower refers to enabling someone to do an act which he/she otherwise may not be able to and enabling one to make an informed decision, hence, in better control of one’s life.

It refers to the process by which one is better engaged with factors and decisions that shapes one's life. It refers to the process by which one increases his/her attributes and build capacities to gain access, networks or voice in order to gain better access in the development of a society. The enabling factor of empowerment is being exposed and connected to the source of power. Our mission is to become that source of power that people can connect to.

When a society is empowered, it does amazing things.

  • The Poor and Needy
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small And Medium Enterprises
  • Foreign Investors
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Senior Citizens
  • What can you do when you are empowered?

Seeing the benefits of empowerment, we certainly want the society to be legally empowered. When a society is legally empowered, they will be attuned to follow development in legal issues and become aware of their rights. And when they want to enforce their rights, naturally they will turn to the source of power. We strive to become the source that empowers. At HHQ, we empower our talents, clients and members of the public with knowledge of the law and the legal system and operation to enable them to make informed decisions pertaining to issues they are facing or future endeavors.

Empowerment may sound grandeur and lofty but in reality, it is not. The examples of empowerment above are actual scenarios that we see in our everyday life.

At HHQ, we truly believe in the idea and culture of empowerment. Hence, our mission to empower everybody with law. Empowerment is necessary and achievable, with our collective effort and it starts from each and every one of us that forms the life of HHQ.