Learning & Development

In providing professional service, we stress the professional development of our people. We care about empowering everybody with law.

Guided by our mission, the firm has set up its Learning & Development Unit tasked in developing and empowering our talents, our clients and members of the public. As the name suggests, the mission is to develop and enhance people’s skills through trainings and leveraging on technology.


Our trainings are geared towards achieving and realizing our mission, vision and core values. This would include increasing the legal knowledge of our people and their skills pertinent to legal practice. We also work closely with the Malaysian Bar for accreditation of our trainings and workshops as it would definitely add value for the professional development of our people.

In empowering clients, we have conducted external trainings for our clients to update them on laws which are relevant to them. In 2016, we have extended invitation to our clients to attend our talk on strata laws and the response has been encouraging.

On the forefront, HHQ has conducted a number of talks and events in an effort to engage with the public. It has conducted workshops and public talk on strata laws in 2015 to introduce and in 2016 to review the strata laws after a year upon its coming into force in 2015. Such events have certainly benefitted the public in gaining clarity to issues pertaining to strata titles and strata management.

Leveraging Technology

In our effort to empower everybody with law, we leverage of the advancement of technology to disseminate knowledge to the public through Empower, a section we dedicate in our web portal for this purpose. Under Empower, we have newsletters, news and publications, frequent asked questions where the public could have access and gain insights. We also have templates where clients would be able to utilize for some simple legal transactions.