HHQ Touch

On the technological forefront.

We believe that technology is a necessity in achieving our mission and the digitization of part of our processes will enable a more efficient and effortless access to legal services by our clients. This led us to pursue the development of HHQ Touch, our client web-portal and mobile application that will change the way our clients deal with their legal matters.


  • Files Management On-The-Go

    All documents will be digitized and stored on HHQ Touch for easy access via the portal or mobile application at your convenience.

  • Safe and Secured

    We apply the highest standard of security protocols from user verification to data storage to ensure our clients’ peace of mind and assurance that their legal matters are in safe hands.

  • Real-time Status Updates

    HHQ Touch will enable our clients to receive real-time status updates of their legal matters so our clients can be assured that their legal matters are being attended to.

  • Accessibility

    Easy access to legal matters anytime, anywhere – with features such as e-documents storage and easy communication.

Access HHQ Touch

To login to your account, please visit hhqtouch.com.my to create your account.

Download our mobile application from theor