Areas of Practice

Real Estate & Project Development

Conversion, Amalgamation and Subdivision

Our team advises land developers and owners on all matters pertaining to conversion, amalgamation and subdivision of lands. Our advise encompasses issues such as category of land use, express condition and restrictions on title, procedures and premiums for applications pursuant to respective state rules. We work closely with the relevant authorities including the valuation department and the land offices.

Foreign Ownership and Occupation

We have received growing requests from foreign investors and citizens for advice and procedures in the area of ownership of properties for residential and investment purpose. We advise and assist non-citizens in obtaining the requisite consent from authorities for acquisition and perfecting purchase transactions.

General Conveyancing

We represent clients in sub-sale transactions for both landed and non-landed properties including mixed developments. We provide total solutions from conducting due diligence enquiries on the land and participating in negotiation process to handing to key and perfection of relevant transfer and charge documentation upon issuance of title in the later process. We also represent clients in conveyancing and transfer of ownership out of love and affection and car-parking agreements.

Land Acquisition

Our practice in real estate extends to land acquisition matters where clients accept the acquisition by relevant authorities and the compensation offered. We advise clients of the procedures and work closely with the authorities and land office to facilitate speedy payment of compensation to clients.

Leases and Tenancies

Our team is well versed with a wide range of matters pertaining to leases and tenancies of residential, commercial, industrial and retail premises. We regularly advise corporations as well as individual owners and tenants on preliminary queries on rental, drafting of related agreements and renewal of leases and tenancies.

Malay Reserve Lands

We provide advisory service to financial institutions, property owners and property developers on requirements and restrictions of dealings on Malay reserve lands in compliance with the Malay reservation enactments in the respective states of Malaysia.

Project Development

We advise on guarded neighborhood community under Schedule H or Schedule G statutory agreements, landed strata with gated and guarded development under Gated and Guarded Community (GACOS) housing schemes and with either the club house or the community area being designated either as common property or developer parcel. We also provide advisory services on development of industrial land and commercial areas. Developers and purchasers were informed of their respective rights and duties during the defect liability period. We act as stakeholder for the housing projects during the defect liability period.

Real Estate Tax

Our team is well versed with real estate tax, which includes stamp duty, real property gains tax, goods and services tax and municipal tax. We advise clients on the rates, exemptions and timeline to pay any payable tax on purchase of real estate. We regularly guide companies on terms and conditions of tax exemption in share transfer exercise of intergroup companies.

Strata Management

We advise on all issues relating to strata management ranging from Sijil Formula Syer Unit (SIFUS), submission of schedule of parcels, amendments of schedule of parcel, recovery of debt and matter relating to the Strata Management Tribunal. We advise developer, Joint Management Council and Management Committee on the conduct and constitution of the General Meeting. We also chair or assist the conduct the First AGM of the Joint Management Body and Management Council.

Urban and Township Development

In Malaysia, Urban and Township Development are becoming increasingly essential for the creation of an attractive and sustainable environment that promotes economic vitality, social equity and environmental quality. It provides a range of commercial and residential unit sizes and options and usually is a combination of residential, commercial, industrial, office, institutional, or other land uses.

We involve from the very initial stage for new project development, starting from advising the whole master plan, perusing architect’s drawings and specification and giving advices accordingly. We then facilitate these developments by completing the sale and purchase, loan transactions and advising on the legal framework for the development of an integrated township.

Our track records feature engagements by numerous well-known developers in the urban and township development. These include:

  • Southville City at Bangi (428 acres) comprises of 2½ & 3 storey link house, executives suites, retail shops, hotel, convention centre, mall, and market hall;
  • Icon City at SS8 Petaling Jaya (19.6 acres), which consists of serviced apartments, office suites, retail shops and F&B;
  • Queensville at Bandar Permaisuri (12.5 acres) which consists of shop-offices, serviced apartments, retail mall and office towers;
  • Scenaria @ North Kiara (9.8 acres) comprises two condominium towers and link villas amidst a 2 acre landscape of natural greenery;
  • Garden Residence at Cyberjaya (150.25 acres) which consist of 4 phases, with superlink, Semi D, bungalow, serviced apartment and retail shops;
  • Avira at Iskandar (207 acres), mixed development consists of terrace linked house, semi-detached, bungalow, serviced apartment which anchored on the concept of wellness, with a 12.5-acre Wellness Sanctuary within the development;
  • M Residence @ Rawang (225.7 acres), consists of 4 phrases, with 2 storey link homes, 2 storeysuperlink homes and recreational clubhouse;
  • Kinrara Residence, consists of 4 phases which comprise of terrace, super link, Semi D and bungalow;
  • Southbay City in BatuMaung Penang which is an integrated commercial and lifestyle developments made up of a mixture of residential suites, office suites, offices, retail outlets, hotel and resort, and other recreational attractions; and
  • Meridin East at Pasir Gudang, Johor (1,313 acres) which of consists of double storey linked house, linked semi-detached, shop office.